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For fans of:
Converge. The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Explosions In The Sky

1.) Reader
2.) Ted The Small Town Romantic
3.)Dark Ships
4.)And As The Faucet Floods
5.) The Occupant
6.) The Wilkes Booth
7.) The Calvary Holding Mirrors


Its not often in life that you get something for nothing, but in the case of Don the Readers self-titled seven track EP, which is available for free download from, thats exactly what you get. Churning out a technical racket in the vein of Botch or early Every Time I Die, this is a malevolent
beast of a record that would be worth handing over hard earned cash for, and as a freebie, is pretty much an essential addition for fans of controlled sonic chaos. Reader and The Occupant stab you with a relentless aural pummeling, the bands playing tighter than a ducks ass throughout. However, not every weapon in the bands arsenal requires them to be bludgeoning you senseless with violent noise. The ghostly passages that break up the otherwise vicious And as the Faucet Floods and The Small Town Romantic add moving textures to the melee, and the brief, brittle instrumental Dark Ships is reminiscent of post-rockers Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky. Closing with the all-out brutal assault of The Cavalry Holding Mirrors, which climaxes with an utterly crushing slow motion breakdown, this record makes for a breathless 25 minutes that will have you diving for the play button again as soon as the last notes grind to a halt. ~ Dan Slessor Outburn Magazine

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